Our End-of-Life Recycling Policy…

…is approved by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality.

If we sold your PC to you, we will recycle it for you. Read below for exceptions…

In accordance with Texas House Bill 2714 (Texas Computer Recycling Law) enacted in 2007 and effective on January 1, 2008, Bright Ideas Computing will provide free recycling for any computer we sell to you. These include any custom built or reconditioned Second Chance Computer systems.

How can I recycle my Bright Ideas Computing PC?

Because our computer systems are sold exclusively in the local Kerrville area and we operate on an appointment basis only, just give us a call at 830-895-5016 and we will schedule a date and time that is convenient for you to bring in your Bright Ideas Computing Custom Built or Second Chance Computer for recycling when it reaches its useful end-of-life cycle. If you have moved out of the local Kerrville, Texas area, please call or email us for other arrangements.

What do you do with these computers?

We will disassemble, inspect, clean, and reuse any serviceable computer components. Those which do not meet our quality control standards will be disposed of in accordance with approved environmental requirements.

What about any residual data on my hard disk drive?

Under Texas House Bill 2714, computer manufacturers are not responsible for wiping data off the hard drive of recycled computer equipment. Please make sure that you have wiped all of your personal information or data files from your computer’s hard drive before bringing it in to be recycled. If you are unable to do so, we can offer a disk wipe service for a nominal fee to ensure your information will not fall into the wrong hands.

Do your computers have an identifying label?

Under Texas House Bill 2714, computer manufacturers are only required to provide free recycling for their own brands. Our computers have a “Bright Ideas Computing” label, trade mark, or seal affixed to the rear or the bottom of each unit. See image at right.

Are there any exceptions to this recycling policy?

Texas House Bill 2714 does NOT require us to provide a recovery system for computers that are purchased by schools or government agencies, non-profit organizations, or businesses unless they operate out of their homes. However, we will make exceptions on a case-by-case basis for any of these entities when they purchase a custom built or second chance computer from Bright Ideas Computing.

Do you offer any incentives to recycle responsibly?

As an additional incentive to recycle responsibly, we will extend a one-time offer of free recycling and free disk wiping of your existing end-of-life computer at the time you take delivery of a custom built or second chance computers from Bright Ideas Computing, even if it’s not a computer system that was built by us!

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